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Tinsel Moment

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Bubblegum Pink
Disco Silver
Butterfly Blue

Tinsel Moment is perfect for those seeking an easy and fun way to elevate your look! Tinsel Moment provides you the flexibility to apply in various ways including professionally, DIY, and clip in extensions! Sparkle all season long or just for a special occasion. Can be worn up to 4-6 weeks depending on application method.

Heat styling: Apply up to 280°F

Maintenance: Wear up to 4-6 weeks

Professional (Create tinsel tips & apply as I-Tips):
1. Take 10-15 strands of 48” tinsel.
2. Fold in half to where the ends touch to create 24” strands of tinsel.
3. Take the Pro Fusion Tool and dip in Keratip Powder.
4. Apply Pro Fusion Tool dipped in Keratip Powder to looped section of tinsel and roll with fingertips to create an I-Tip.
5. Use Tip Cut Scissors to cut off top section of tinsel tip.
6. Apply tinsel tips to client’s natural hair using the Pro Pulling Needle or Pro Loop Needle, Protubes (beads), and Pro Closer.

DIY (Tie tinsel to natural hair):
1. Take 1 strand of tinsel and fold in half to where the ends touch.
2. Create a slip knot with the looped section of tinsel by taking the ends of the tinsel and placing it through the loop.
3. Pull 2-3 hairs through the loop and tighten the slip knot near your scalp.
4. Tie the loose tinsel strands into a knot to secure.

DIY (Tie tinsel to clip-in extensions):
1. Take 1 strand of tinsel and create a simple knot on the clip portion of your clip-in extensions.

How to Remove:

Professional (Tinsel I-Tips):
1. Place tube between the appropriate groove size of Pro Opener and squeeze to open tube.
2. Slide the bond downward and out of the tube.
3. Discard used tubes.
DIY (Tinsel tied to natural hair):
1. Pinch the knot near your scalp and carefully slide it down your hair until tinsel is removed.

DIY (Tinsel tied to clip-in extensions):
1. Use Tip Cut Scissors to cut away the tinsel from the clip portion of your clip in extension
Weight: 12g (600+ strands per pack)
Length: 48"

Tinsel Moment

Tinsel Moment