The Company

Hair extensions and hair product bottles

Variety of hair textures, versatile lengths, diverse colors and cutting-edge application methods are the hallmarks of The Hair Shop Inc. From ready-to-wear hair to the highest quality professional hair extensions and tools, our mission is to provide hair stylists, beauty enthusiasts and everyday customers all the means to transform hair - the way you want it, how you want it.

The Hair Shop Inc. has seven retail shops and franchise locations across the US with more stores blooming.

The History

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It all started back in 1988.

Ryan Tokko opened a modest mom & pop, beauty store located in the heart of Los Angeles. He made it his personal mission to never turn away a customer seeking hair options. This mindset led Ryan down a journey of uniquely sourcing a variety of hair textures – the first in the industry at the time, while innovating easier ways to apply hair extensions. He was the first to create what is now known as clip-in hair extensions and worked with professional stylists all over to discover time-saving techniques and longer lasting, higher quality extensions.

Two people watching a person demonstrate hair extension application

As the store grew, the clientele grew, and The Hair Shop Inc. began servicing the best in the industry from celebrity stylists, renown production studios, to respectable influencers. For the past 30 years and even more so today, The Hair Shop Inc. continues to remain on the forefront of meeting clients’ needs and delivering the best quality possible.

"Discerning great hair is an art and requires a unique sensibility. You can only trust the hair when it is handpicked by someone who loves hair. From my 30 plus years of experience, I found that anyone can manufacture hair extensions but the ability to provide high-quality hair is not easy at all."

— Ryan Tokko, Founder