Silicone-Lined Protubes Matte

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The Hair Shop’s Silicone Lined Protubes, in standard size, is the go-to choice for I-Tip extension application. The copper tube provides a lightweight hold while the slim silicone lining provides unbeatable grip. Color match the chip-resistant tube to your client's root color for an undetectable blend. 

Ideal Hair Texture: Fine and Medium 

Tube Size (diameter x length): 3.4mm x 5.0mm 

Quantity: 250 pieces 

Tube Material: Copper   

How To Use:  

  1. Color match the tube to client’s root color.  
  2. Gather a u-shaped section of client’s hair where the extension will be applied. Section should be equal to or ¾ the amount of hair on one I-Tip bond to ensure equal weight rule.  
  3. Use Loop Needle or Pro Pulling Needle to thread tube onto client’s hair.  
  4. Insert I-Tip extension bond into tube. 
  5. Firmly press tube flat using Pro Closer and repeat process until desired look is achieved! 
  • Pieces: 250
    Diameter: 3.4 mm
  • Length: 5.0 mm

Silicone-Lined Protubes Matte

Silicone-Lined Protubes Matte