Silicone-Lined Protubes Matte - Large

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Introducing The Hair Shop’s largest Protube size, this tube is the go-to-choice for Weft extension application and crafted to ease the Weft move up service process. The copper tube provides a lightweight hold while the slim silicone lining provides unbeatable grip. Color match the chip-resistant tube to your client's root color for an undetectable blend. 

Ideal Hair Texture: Medium and Thick 

Tube Size (diameter x length): 4.5mm x 3.0mm 

Quantity: 250 pieces 

Tube Material: Copper 

How To Use:  

  1. Color match the tube to client’s root color.  
  2. Cleanly section hair from temple to temple. 
  3. Beginning on dominant-side-temple, gather a u-shaped section of client’s hair. Section should be equal to or ¾ the amount of hair on one I-Tip bond to ensure equal weight rule.  
  4. Use Loop Needle or Pro Pulling Needle to thread tube onto client’s hair.  
  5. Firmly press tube flat using Pro Closer. 
  6. Apply the following Protube directly next to the previous Protube.  
  7. Repeat Protube application until section is completed temple to temple.  
  8. Place a weft underneath and on top of the Protube anchors, using Shark Clips to hold wefts in place.  
  9. Using Matte Nylon Thread, sew the wefts onto the Protube anchors.  
  • Pieces: 250
  • Diameter: 4.5mm
  • Length: 3.0mm

Silicone-Lined Protubes Matte - Large

Silicone-Lined Protubes Matte - Large